Diesel Engine

World’s Best 14-cylinder Diesel Engine

Wärtsilä RT-flex96C is a turbocharged low-speed diesel, today considered the number one reciprocating engine on the planet. This is crafted from the Finnish manufacturer Wärtsilä. The ground-breaking common rail technology with camshaft, fuel pumps, chain gear and hydraulic actuators, produce More than 80000 kW.

The engine has vertical piston rod with a tightly fitted seal under the piston. Therefore the cylinders are lubricated by timed injection of lubricant. These Luricators are formulated to protect the cylinders from wear and tear. These lubes also neutralize the acids formed due to high-sulfur fuels.

The descending piston is used to compress incoming combustion and also serves to remove some load from the bearings. The engine is uniflow-scavenged by way of exhaust valves, meaning the engine has no camshaft. There are currently 111 engines on order.


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