Car clogged DPF Delete and Particle filters

Posted: April 19, 2013 in DPF Delete
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Remove dpf

Particle filters and DPF Delete from the car is the solution of long particulate filter problems or just a cheaper alternative of replacement.

DPF Delete means that a software modification in the engine management system is realized in the regeneration process off. Matching assembly of the particle filter and emptying the clogged particulate filter. This action together is the solution to permanently exclude DPF problems of the car.

Roe filter cause problems.

The soot particles in the particle filter accumulate under certain driving conditions extra. The Car will regenerate more often when the filter becomes full or when the regeneration can not finish. This will be the cause of the DPF – DPF then added quickly clog which in turn causes many persistent failures and problems.

Fault LED

  • DPF warning light flashes.
  • Often if an increase of the oil level.
  • The car remains constant / excessive regeneration.
  • Clogged particle filter – DPF by accumulation of Soot particles.
  • Car wrong in the Emergency Landing Program, thus there is only minimal power available.
  • The car astonishes much smoke.
  • Hiccups / impacts of the Car.

Diesel filter

Your direct benefit to the DPF particulate filter removal Car!

  • Car engines will perform substantially better partly because the car can breathe better.
  • All common error codes and malfunctions are definitively excluded.
  • Engines from Car will run both economical with oil and diesel consumption.
  • The less strain on the turbo.
  • Improvement in lifetime of the Car engine.
  • Oil diluted by excessive regeneration is history.
  • Remove particulate filter for the car is many times cheaper than the particle filter replaced.

Gapbigrigpower is a proven specialist and reliable partner. They work in the development of solution closely with renowned companies such as authorized Car dealers, automobile chains, etc.  Gapbigrigpower is a proven and recognized company, which has about 10 years experience in software development.  All adjustments under one roof, watch how the software modification is performed and developed is no problem.

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